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Rugged, Rowdy, & Broken 

Well we did it. We made an album. Ten songs of our own volition. I can't say it was easy, too terribly difficult, or that the songs just poured out of us like they did when we wrote them - bleeding all over the page; but we got it done. They should have come together like this. We've been playing these songs for anyone who would listen to them, and plenty that don't, for so long now that it makes sense. There is so much work that goes into putting something like this together but at the end of the day it sort of feels like the album just appeared out of thin air. A snap shot of this moment in time and the culmination of our current talents. Here's to the next one. 

Toby Falcon 

Winners of Red Ants Pants 2021 Emerging Artist Competition 

I have to say I'm humbled. Not only to be selected out of such amazing talent that graced the side stage but to think I'll be stepping on the big stage in 2022 - the one all my heroes have played before. It's almost strange to me. Having attended Red Ants Pants Music Festival for so many years, well before starting the band and writing music, it's always been something of a pipe dream to imagine playing. Never thought I would actually be doing it. Real musicians play that stage. To me, it's something like following in the footsteps of giants and now we'll get to cause just as much of a ruckus.

-Toby Falcon

"Dark Bird" 

The Man in Black passed away this day in 2003, but will go on to inspire generations of singers, pickers, songwriters, and human beings in general. 

Cash was one of the first icons I looked up to as a kid. I remember being waist high with my hair slicked back singing "MY NAME IS SUE. HOW DO YOU DO? NOW YOU GONNA DIE." at the top of my lungs. Yeah, that's what I told him.  

While Marty Stuart’s photography was on display at the Frist Museum in Nashville, I went to see Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives perform there. He's credited with taking the last known photo of Johnny Cash, and having been his friend for decades. After sharing the experience of taking this picture with the crowd he sang his tribute to the Man in Black, “Dark Bird.” During his solo performance of the tribute, a train passed nearby and blew its whistle. Goose bumps came over me. Under normal circumstances it would have been an annoying interruption, but the gravity of the moment shone through and Marty was visibly moved, as was everyone in attendance. Rest In Peace Johnny Cash. 
- ✌?Troy

Slow and Steady 

We've had a slow start and I thank everyone who has been supportive of us and what we do. Like the old saying goes "slow and steady wins the race." I'm not naive enough to think this is a game but I consider every day we get to play music a win. This may be a slow start but we are here to stay, figuratively speaking - I hope our music takes us to lands unkown, flying high until the day we fall from the sky like the shooting stars we could only wish to become. With that aside, I'm content to be playing music for the people who want to listen. I am patient. Maybe this is just because we are from Montana, and the way I romanticize the west and outdoor culture, but this sort of patience can only be explained by me in this way: 

Life, as with a river, is constantly changing. There will be moments of great turbulence along with moments of tranquility. In order to successfully navigate we must go with the flow, biding our time awaiting the opportunity to rise; and for the sake of finding joy, learn to dance in the current. 

As for me, the hooks been set and I'm awaiting the moment to take the leap and chase this fish downstream. 

Happy Drifting, 
Toby Falcon

The Beginning 

Formed in midst of the hardest winter we've seen to date, Counting Coup is breaking into the music scene with three founding members: Troy Falcon (bass/guitar/vocals), Toby Falcon (guitar/vocals), and Brenden Fritzler (harmonica/drums). Join us for our debut show on Saturday, April 14th, at TEN @ the Northern Hotel. Stay tuned for many great things to come!

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