1. Come To Bed


A hard rain’s a-fallin’
Tennessee Tuesday night
Clouds are coverin’ all the stars
But the ones in your eyes

Ain’t nothin’ on the T.V.
That’s as pretty as you
And nothin’ on the radio
I’d rather listen to

So come to bed little darlin’
Put your hand in mine
Got some vinyl on low
Thunder’s clapping in time
So let’s slow dance ‘neath the covers to Prine

We could two-step all evening
And, girl, if the moon could talk
She’d be jealous of the way
That you make my heart rock

If I stop to imagine
Life on the other side
No heaven could compare
To having’ you here tonight

We could dance ‘round the table 
To the old banjo
My hands are gettin’ hungry, babe
And it’s starting to show

I know my hands are calloused
my heart is too
I can’t stand another moment
being parted from you

That dress is awful pretty
Yeah, it’s pretty soft
But my callouses get caught
I think it’s time to take it off